A transformative workplace solution.

The future of work is here. DoZen is the platform for your digital transformation.

See what matters.

Manage and deliver personalized content at scale.

Know what's important.

Send relevant critical information to every employee.

Be more productive.

Manage and complete all tasks from within DoZen.

Do more with less.

Unify your apps and services onto one platform.

Work how you want.

Connect your entire workforce, no matter where they are.

Focus on the essential.

Easily guide employees through moments that matter.

Understand your data.

Integrated analytics to enable you to easily measure engagement and goals.

Know the difference.

Differentiate between participation and successful engagement.

Retain employees.

Understand engagement trends and drive retention with purpose-built tools to reduce turnover.

Extend your experience.

Use our developer toolkit to build your own custom apps with DoZen.

DoZen was purpose built to help you and your employees to work securely from anywhere with anyone on any device.

The best of internal communications, HR and IT.

Seamlessly bring together your departments, systems, process and people.

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Designed with people in mind.

Create personalized and targeted solutions that reflect your organization’s diverse ways of working.

A more livable way to work.

DoZen mimics the ways we engage digitally every day, making it easy to collaborate, communicate, and get work done anywhere and on any device.

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Powered by best-in-class software. Integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

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