WorkZen consumerizes the employee experience

ITWorx WorkZen is a one-stop-shop and personalized digital workplace that makes employees happier by driving engagement with personalized content in context, increasing productivity with a wide range of enterprise app connectors, and helping achieve work-life balance with instant access to moments that matter and notification management.

Ideally suited for today’s global and mobile workforce, WorkZen connects people, teams, enterprise apps, and business units across the world and empowers organizations with live enterprise-wide insights.

“To drive both performance and productivity in the digital age, HR needs a consumer-centric mindset and approach to employee experience” – Gartner


Engagement drives retention

Happy employees are loyal and productive employees. WorkZen’s powerful features are purpose-built to boost engagement, increase productivity, improve loyalty, and reduce turnover.


Self-service improves satisfaction

WorkZen’s app integrations offer a seamless self-service experience to
everyday task on the desk, on the go, or flying 30,000 feet high.

Get insights

Live enterprise wide insights

Calculate quantitative indices for your HR metrics including employee engagement, morale, productivity, and loyalty.

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Web, mobile, and chat

AI powered chatbots enable self-service journeys for services like HR ,
Procurement and IT across all channels.

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